Eliminate the Need to ‘Watch Your Head’ During Box Culvert Cleaning

Box culvert cleaning can be hard, tedious and sometimes unsafe for personnel carrying out the process. Diesel culvert cleaning machines need workers to manually ride and control them, thus requiring workers to watch their head and wear breathing protection as they move material in and out of the confined space environment. Unexpected injuries and accidents can happen if workers are distracted or have trouble seeing. Minidozers help prevent injuries and provide safe, fast and effective box culvert cleaning.

  • All-electric
  • Radio remote control
  • No diesel fuel, no motor oil, no antifreeze
  • No exhaust restrictions
  • Suitable for certified blue stream locations
  • Simplify (or eliminate) environmental impact reports and EPA spill contingency forms
  • Zero carbon footprint
  • Access to culverts as small as 24″ x 30″

Minidozers require just one operator to control the machine remotely without having to enter the confined culvert space. Minidozers are simple and easy to operate and have been tested under harsh conditions. The low, narrow profile of these machines allows for movement in hard to reach areas.

Cynergy Electric Vehicle offers two Minidozer models: the Minidozer M-27 and the Minidozer M-48. Learn more about each model and find out how the Minidozer can help box culvert cleaning workers get the job done safely and effectively.