Box Culvert Cleaning

Minidozers by Movex Innovations are powerful and safe material moving machines that can be used to prevent serious injuries and enable organizations to offer much safer work environments to their employees.

For box culvert cleaning, the Minidozer offers a more functional, cleaner, cost effective solution as compared to hydrovacs (hydro excavation), skid steers, ditch witch and manual methods.

  • All-electric clean technology
  • No diesel fuel, no motor oil, no antifreeze
  • No confined space exhaust restrictions
  • Substantially lower operational cost as compared to diesel machines
  • Suitable for certified blue stream locations
  • Simplify environmental impact reports and EPA spill contingency forms 
  • Zero carbon footprint
  • 23” tall x 28” wide vehicle – allows access to culverts as small as 24” tall x 30” wide